Designer dog leash

Designer dog leash

By making your own designer dog leash you will have a one-of-a kind item. No one else will be able to have a designer dog leash just like it. You can make it out of a strip of material or fabric, rope or leather. You may choose to sew beads on it, super-glue sequins, or keep it simple. See a designer dog leash that is selling for way too much? Make one just like it for a fraction of the cost. 

The only required items in making your designer dog leash is:

¾" to 1" round eye swivel bolt snap 

Rope, leather or fabric 20" to 2 feet longer than final length of leash desired

You say, round eye swivel bolt snap, what's that? That is the metal piece that is on the end of every leash. It attaches to the ring on your dogs collar. They sell them at most every hardware store and even on Ebay. In a nutshell, making a designer dog leash is as simple as attaching this piece to the end of your rope, leather or material