• Model: L10##1027 Nylon dog leash with support material on the handle

Reliable Nylon Dog Leash with Leather Padded Handle

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All Weather Conditions Durable Dog Leash

Do you have to stay home when it rains because you're afraid water might damage your leather dog leash? How often do you forget to treat your leather leash with water repellent and leather conditioner? There’s no need to take so much care of nylon, a material strong enough to withstand all fortune’s blows without any treatment. Nylon is not afraid of water, heat, tension, pulling or detergents. Of course, a nylon canine leash is no good for dog shows, but who needs luxurious appearance when you’re one to one hiking with your beloved pet?

Being a very robust material, nylon is also hard. To minimize the irritation, the handle of this dog leash is stitched with a special soft support material that will care for your skin while your dog pulls in search of adventures. To make sure that this lead will serve you for many years, the snap hook is made of durable brass. This metal is durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant, which makes it a beautiful material for canine equipment.

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Walking Nylon Dog Leash All Weather

Nylon Dog Leash for All Weather Walking

Everyday Nylon Dog Leash Brass Snap Hook

Everyday Nylon Dog Leash with Brass Snap Hook

Key features of this dog Leash:

  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide double ply nylon
  • soft leather support material on handle
  • reliable brass snap hook
  • carefully stitched
  • corrosion and rust resistant hardware

Intended use of this dog Leash:

  • walking in any weather
  • hiking
  • tracking
  • training
  • patrolling

Sizes available:

  • 4 ft (120 cm)
  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • black

What makes this dog leash special.

Materials. Nylon and brass are the best couple for those dog owners who walk their pets under all weather conditions on all terrains. This canine leash is easy washable, lightweight and doesn't take much space while storing.

Comfort. You do want your walking, training, patrolling or training to last for long hours, don't you? A soft handle insures you will enjoy every minute of it. No more skin irritation!

Price. You don't pay for an exquisite appearance and expensive materials, only reliability, strength and durability.

Padded Handle Soft Leather of Nylon Dog Leash

Soft Leather Padded Handle of Nylon Dog Leash

Stitched Nylon Dog Leash

Nylon Dog Leash Stitched for More Durability

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