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Multipurpose Leather Dog Leash

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All-in-one Soft Leather Dog Leash

Are you sick and tired of choosing a dog leash that will suit your lifestyle? Is your lead always too long or too short for exact kind of activity? You don’t have to carry a bunch of equipment with you, just the one Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash! Its adjustable length will suit every situation, be it walking, training, patrolling or even walking two dogs with one leash at the same time.

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Durable Leather Dog Leash Brass Hardware

Durable Leather Dog Leash with Brass Hardware

Stitched Leather Part of Dog Leash

Stitched Part of this Dog Leash

Key features of this Dog Leash:

  • 100% full grain genuine leather
  • rust-proof brass hardware
  • Durable brass snap hooks
  • Handmade
  • 1/2 inch wide smooth waxed edges leather
  • Stitched with wax coated thread

Intended use of this Dog Leash:

  • Over 7 different activities with same leash
  • walking
  • training
  • patrolling

Sizes available:

  • 5 ft (150 cm)
  • 7 ft (210 cm)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

Extra quality Leather Leash

The materials used while making this pet lead are 100% full grain latigo leather and brass. The combination of these natural materials makes the leash extra durable and safe to use. Soft genuine leather is hand-stitched with wax coated thread, which means it will less likely to rip no matter how hard your dog is pulling. The leash is handmade, which makes it a unique piece of equipment. Natural materials need to be treated in a proper way to serve longer. Make sure you apply leather conditioner and water repellent for a better condition of the leash; never wash it with water or dry on a radiator.

This Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash has several modes.

Wear it on your shoulder. Attach a snap hook to the floating O-ring making a loop. Wear that loop across your upper body as if you were carrying a shoulder bag, and attach the other snap hook to your pet collar or harness. This will allow you to walk your dog hands-free.

Keep your four-footed pal closer to you. Attach a snap hook on the one side to an O-ring on the other side of the leash. That will make it twice shorter providing you with better control.

Adjustable Leather Dog Leash Length

Leather Dog Leash with Adjustable Length

Tether your pet. “No dogs allowed” sign is not a problem any more. You can easily leave your buddy outside by simply wrapping the leash around a bench or a tree and attaching the free snap hook to the floating O-ring. Your dog won't go adventuring while you're away, but don’t leave him outside for a long time.

Waist fixation. There’s another hands-free way to walk your dog. Make a loop attaching a snap hook to the floating O-ring and wear it on your waist as you wear a belt.

Leather Multimode Dog Leash Floating Ring

Multimode Leather Dog Leash with Floating O-Ring

Coupler. Walking two dogs is not challenging any more. Attach both snap hooks to their collars and grab the leash in the middle.

Simple use. Use the leash as it is, give your dog up to 7ft (210cm) of free space.

Snap Brass Hook of Dog Leash

Brass Snap Hook of this Dog Leash

Hello Guy, I am writing to commend you on the quality of the equipment you have again provided me! I have a working Malinois and Dogue de Bordeaux, both outfitted with your agitation harnesses. The padding has saved the fur and skin on both my dogs, and can work in them for hours! The Agitation muzzle is superbly ventilated and so suited for my climate. Also I love your multi-purpose leads, very easy on the hands. No one believes their strength, but having a 120 pound dog hit the end hard time after time has shown the quality! I cannot find anything made in Australia that can rival your quality and price, and I reccomend you to everyone I meet! Thanks, will definately be back for more! Julie

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