• Model: L10HS1027 Nylon leash with support material on the handle

Practicable Nylon Dog Leash for Everyday Activity

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Comfortable and Reliable Nylon Dog Leash

With this dog leash you will have no problems such as rubbing, irritation or discomfort during dog walking. This is the leash that fits best everyday activity in any weather conditions and on every terrain. This item is made of strong nylon, which is very hard to rip no matter how hard your dog pulls. It doesnít stretch, hence does not loose shape in the course of time. Being water resistant and rubbing proof, nylon doesn't lose color under severe usage conditions. This leash will look like a new one for many years. Although nylon is a coarse material, you will have no discomfort holding this leash due to a support handle padded with soft Nappa leather. It will help you to gain more control over your pet causing no irritation.

What makes this dog leash even more practicable is the HS snap hook, made by a german Herm Sprenger company. It allows you to clip the leash to your dog collar or harness faster and more secure. HS snap hooks are famous for their premium quality, durability and usability.

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Leash Nylon Dog Walking Everyday

Nylon Dog Leash for Everyday Walking

Handle Padded Nappa of Nylon Dog Leash

Nappa Leather Padded Handle of Nylon Dog Lead

Key features of this dog Leash:

  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide excellent double ply nylon
  • leather support material on handle
  • quality HS snap hook
  • neatly stitched
  • corrosion and rust resistant hardware

Intended use of this dog Leash:

  • walking
  • police tracking
  • patrolling
  • training

Sizes available:

  • 4 ft (120 cm)
  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • black

Main Features of this Nylon Dog Leash

Versatility. Made of enduring materials, this dog leash can be used in any weather conditions, you donít have to be afraid of water or mud. It suits great for tracking, patrolling, walking and training, no need to buy a bunch of different leashes.

Comfort. Comfortable handle, stitched with genuine soft leather, saves your hands while your dog pulls hard. You can easily hold this leash for hours and enjoy every minute spent with your beloved pet.

Nylon Waterproof Dog Leash Herm Sprenger Snap Hook

Waterproof Nylon Dog Leash with Herm Sprenger Snap Hook

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