• Model: L120#1027 Leather police dog leash for training

Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash

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Swiss Army Leather Dog Leash

Some leashes are bad, some are good, some are the best. Are you tired of choosing which is which? Stop surfing, the best has come! This Multimode Leather Dog Leash is the best choice for everyday activity, fun and joy.

This all-purpose leash will fit perfectly over 7 different kinds of activity, including walking, training, patrolling, and others. This Multifunctional Dog Leash is made of soft genuine leather, a soft yet strong natural material that feels good in hand and serves long.

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Multimode Leather Dog Leash

Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash

Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash High Quality

High Quality Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash

Key features of this dog Leash:

  • Well oiled full grain genuine leather
  • Durable brass high quality hardware
  • 2 snap hooks
  • 3/4 inch wide smooth waxed edges leather
  • Stitching with wax coated thread
  • Floating O-ring
  • 2 brass rings

Intended use of this dog Leash:

  • tracking
  • walking
  • training
  • patrolling
  • Over 7 different activities with same leash

Sizes available:

  • 5 ft (150 cm) long
  • 7 ft (210 cm)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

Some basic modes for this Dog Leash

  • Over the shoulder. To have your hands free while walking or patrolling, simply make a loop, attaching the snap hook to the floating O-ring and wear it across your upper body. Attach the free snap hook to your dog collar or harness.
  • 3.5 ft (105 cm) leash. Half the length makes twice the control. To make a 3.5 ft leash attach the snap hook on the one end of the leash to the O-ring on the other.
  • Tether your pet. The leash lets you tether your dog wherever it is possible. Simply wrap it around an object such as a bench or a tree, and attach the free snap hook to the floating O-ring. It is advised not to leave your four-footed buddy tethered alone for a long time.
  • Waist leash. Another way of a hands-free walking is making a loop with a free snap hook and a floating O-ring, and wearing it on your waist.
  • Coupler. Having a couple of dogs doesn't involve buying a couple of leashes. All you need to do is to attach the snap hooks to your dog harnesses or collars and grab the leash in the middle.

  • Dog Coupler Leash Leather Safe

    Safe Coupler Leather Dog Leash

  • As it is. To use the full length of the leash, attach the snap hook to the nearest O-ring to make a handle, and the other snap hook to your pet collar or harness.

Snap Hook Brass Durable of Dog Leash

Durable Brass Snap Hook of this Dog Leash

Thread Stitching Wax Coated of Dog Leash

Durable Stitching with Wax Coated Thread

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